FOUR-12 Young Adults

Welcome to Four-12, Young Adult Ministry

Research indicates there are over 50 million people between the ages of 18 - 35 in the U.S. with energy, ideas, creativity, and passion. We want to bring together a generation of passionate, diverse group of young adults, who are working together to create the best communities, gatherings, and events that help other young adults connect with God and each other. It is our goal to provide the resources necessary to unlock this potential and more in your life, church, and community.

We want you to do ministry and partner with us. We have lots of great things in store this year and we welcome your ideas, suggestions, feedback, and help in any way you feel called to use your gifts and be involved. I am so incredibly excited to meet you and your entire family this year and celebrate our faith together.

As we are starting a new year and revamping what YA Ministry looks like at SAF, I ask for your patience and support as we walk this road together and get to know each other better. I also ask that you be ready to jump in and be involved in the many opportunities that we will be offering throughout the year. If there is something we are not offering or ways you would like to be involved, please talk with us, and let us work together to get you involved or make it happen.

Here’s a little about what Four-12 all about…...

Young Adult Info Meeting:

  • Weekly gatherings (Small Group) on zoom Saturday morning from 9:45a-10:45. This also includes faith information, fellowship and community building, thru prayer and worship, leadership development, and so much more in a relevant, authentic and genuine way for young adult to engage in ways that make sense, since so many of us live such busy lives that they are trying to figure things out it’s good to have a group who’s able to walk along with you.
  • Zoom Meeting: Login ID: 735315157Above all else, we strive to create a sense of community that is accepting and welcoming to all; we are here to answer the question, explore, and dive deeper into our faith with peers and positive older adults as role models who can walk that journey of faith with you.
  • Our goal here is to “Lead people to Christ thru Compassion, Grace, and Love.”


  • FACEBOOK/MEDIA Websites: Like “Four-12 Ministry on YouTube.” Check us also out on Instagram and Facebook under the name of “Four-12SAF” and Share with others.
  • CELL: My cell is 479.249.3472 other Co-leader is Devin Riley his number is 479.445.8907
  • TEXTS: We also have a group text and announcement system for Young Adult Ministry and Confirmation. You can find us on “GroupMe.”
  • Feel free to check out the church website for more experience we have to offer at www. 

Please contact us at any time with questions, comments, ideas, or support for you and your families! I am praying and thinking about each one of you and your families at Springdale Adventist Fellowship.

Larry Holliman Jr.
Young Adult Ministry Coordinator / SAF Elder


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