Current Teaching Series

2020 was a tough year most of us would like to forget. 2021 was a little better, but news of the pandemic continues to dominate the evening news. Social distancing, masks, job loss, social unrest, online school, increase in divorce and domestic violence are just a few of the issues that seem prevail in our communities. And what about church? It's time for a comeback! It's time to make a difference. This series is about building the community despite challenges, setbacks, and failure. You won't want to miss this exciting new series from Pastor Ben.

Messages in this series already presented may be watched from our ON DEMAND page, or from the RECENT MESSAGES (Series) Page. Study Guides for each presentation may also be downloaded for each presentation.


1 - January 8 - When Your Setback Is A Setup
2 - January 15 - What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do
3 - January 22 - Living The Dream When It Feels Like A Nightmare
4 - February 5 - The Hardest Thing To Do

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