Current Teaching Series

If Jesus were to write a letter to the church today, what would He say?

Letter writing has been a part of human history almost from the beginning. It became highly formalized int eat Greco-Roman world, evidenced by the fact that much of the New Testament is letters to either individuals or church groups. Today letter writing has many forms: traditional pen and paper; e-mail; text message...

The seven letters to seven churches in Revelation 2-3 are letters to the church from Jesus. In those letters, God is reminding His Bride of the important spiritual lessons that will keep us in favor with Him. The seven churches represent the composite church with all it's different personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. And God is calling them out. He is calling them to a reformation and revival. He is call us--today, in 2021--to reformation and revival. The 7 Letters are to us.


1 - January 2 - Ephesus: Lost Love
2 - January 16 - Smyrna: Synagogues of Satan
3 - February 6 - Pergamon: The Open-Minded Church
4 - February 20 - Thyatira: The Red-Light Church
5 - February 27 - Sardis: Church of the Living Dead
6 - March 6 - Philadelphia: The Church Jesus Prefers
7 - March 20 - Laodicea: Church in Moderation

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