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The seventh day of the week should not only be an experience in time or history, but also in our weekly theology. Much of the world has forgotten the hidden truths of having a sabbath rest. But what does "sabbath rest" even mean? When I was a kid, it was about taking a nap. But as I read the Bible, I see God calling to humanity to remember one little truth: A little time off does the soul good. In this series, Pastor Ben will examine the seventh day in all the way from Genesis to Revelation, with relevant teaching points along the way. Some of the topics include, "The Seventh Day in the Old Testament"; "The Seventh Day in Jesus' Day"; "The Riddle of the Seventh Day in Colossians"; and from "Creation Time to 24 Hour Clock Time."

Messages in this series already presented may be watched from our ON DEMAND page, or from the RECENT MESSAGES (Series) Page. Study Guides for each presentation may also be downloaded for each presentation.


1 - April 17 - Why We Need the Seventh Day
2 - April 24 - The First Seventh Day
3 - May 1 - The Seventh Day in the Old Testament
4 - May 15 - The Seventh Day in Exile

5 - June 19 - The Prophetic Seventh Day
6 - June 26 - The Seventh Day in Jesus' Day
7 - July 3 - The Seventh Day and the Greatest Commandment
8 - July 17 - The Riddle of the Seventh Day in Colossians
9 - July 24 - The Seventh Day Today
10 - August 7 - From the Seventh Day to the First Day
11 - August 21 - 1 to 7: Creation Time to Clock Time
12 - August 28 - The Restoration of the Seventh Day
13 - September 11 - The Seventh Day Lost in Time

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