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Jennifer Grist
Good Afternoon, My name is Jennifer. First, let me apologize in advance for this long email. I was writing you today in regards to seeking assistance for my father, James Malone. My father moved to Arkansas about 7 years ago to marry his high school sweetheart that he had reconnected with. My sister and I knew he would be far away since we live in Maryland but if he was happy, so were we. Everything was going good until the last 2 years when my father's health started to decline. He suffered many ailments, many falls and finally a fall in April which led to having a stent/cath in each leg which has only led to one problem after the other. He currently suffers from Diabetes, Heart Failure, DVT Blood Clots, Collapsed Veins, Kidney Failure, also Necrotic Bed Sores and a Staff Infection both of which he contracted from the recovery center. The staff infection landed him in the ICU in the end of May and completely demolished his kidneys so he is now on Dialysis 3 days a week. After that his heart was struggling to work so he had a pacemaker installed last week that saved his life. So, he has been in the hospital/recovery center/ICU since April where he can no longer walk, sit up, etc. He has a DVT blood clot in one of his legs that is blocking the blood flow completely so he is unable to walk and will lose most of his toes and possibly his entire foot. He is still fighting off the staff infection and necrotic bed sores all over his body as well. So he has been fighting an uphill battle and sadly most of it all alone because his wife of now 7 years that I mentioned feels that she can no longer be with him because his health problems are just too much on her and she will no longer care for him. Therefore, she filed for divorce and had the papers served to him at the hospital stating that he is no longer fun to be around and has made her life miserable. So, this just adds depression, loneliness and a broken heart to his health problems. My sister and I have visited him 3 separate times since May and we are trying to get him stronger so we can move him back to MD but at this time he is just not strong enough to survive the trip. We absolutely love him and want to try and do whatever we can to help him however when we visit, we cannot stay out there with him for long periods of time because we have jobs, children and family that depend on us here as well in Maryland. Unfortunately, when we are not there with him his health declines because he is all by himself to fight all of his health problems alone. I have reached out to all of my family, friends and church congregation to see if they can send cards or letters to him to keep his spirits up, but what I would really love is if I could find some volunteers to visit him. This is why I am contacting you. I was wondering if it would it be possible for any member of your church to volunteer to visit my father in the hospital, to talk to him, sing to him, pray with him or even just
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Lonita Alaniz
Our close friend Andy was released from the hospital today with 0% kidney function. He is currently on a transplant list that is a year long. He doesn't want help with anything and is being stubborn. But he does have a desire to live. Please pray for his heart to soften so he will allow people to love and care for him. Please pray for healing or even a miracle.
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Cynthia McClanahan
PRAISE JESUS my dry socket is healing. Thank you for your prayers!!!
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Cynthia McClanahan
Please pray they appprove me for SS Disability...decisions are being made. I should hear from them this month. Thank you
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David Funk
Summer Benedict has been in an accident. Carl Anderson requests prayer.
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Cynthia McClanahan
Well apparently having a wisdom tooth removed isn't enough. Dry socket confirmed. Had to have a surgical scraping of socket. More trouble going numb. Then procedure done. Attempting to reclot the socket. Please pray this works. This is a very painful issue!
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