Worship Service

Worship Service
July 13
11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Join us at Second Service, a blended worship style for everyone. Begins at 11:00am and is followed by a free, fellowship luncheon.

Praise and Worship. Scripture readings. Testimonials. Special Musics. A Story for kids... And more. Second service is truly a blend of traditional and contemporary worship. 
And don't forget to join us for lunch: 1st and 3rd Sabbaths are prepared, fellowship meals. 
Second Sabbath is a potluck lunch. A good rule of thumb is to bring enough food for those who are coming with you, and then a little extra. That way there is always enough food for everyone. 
On the 4th Sabbath, lunches are hosted by our elder parishes.
When there is a 5th Sabbath, there is no luncheon hosted at the church. We encourage you to plan ahead and invite someone to your place. That way you can get better acquainted with fellow members.
Make it a great Sabbath!


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