Updated: October 16, 2020   (3:00pm CDT)

Church is CLOSED October 17-24, 2020
COVID-19 has come to SAF, and a number of our members have contracted the virus. In council with the Arkansas-Louisiana Conference, we have decided to take a precautionary step to go back to virtual services for the next two weeks at least. Sabbath School and Church will be available ONLY online through Facebook Live or through our website here. We apologize for any inconvenience, but feel it necessary to be good stewards in the community as we fight this global pandemic. Details will be listed here and in the pastor's weekly OneCall to the church. If you are not currently getting our weekly OneCalls, email us, and let us know. We will gladly add you to our call list. You can always opt out if you prefer.


PLEASE NOTE: Sabbath School will only be available online. 
For this Sabbath, October 17, We are offering:
Junior: LINK
Youth: LINK
Young Adult Class: LINK
ADULT SABBATH SCHOOL LESSON will be live streamed beginning at 9:45 on Facebook Live and through the church website. Be sure to like and share both the Sabbath School lesson and the Church worship service so we can broaden our viewing audience. It might just be the blessing some one needs this week.


  • Teacher's Aid Needed:  Mrs. Knudson is expecting her baby sometime in February. During her leave, April will be leading the teaching and classroom. We will need a teacher's aid during that time. For more information about the position requirements and pay, send resume and references to Mrs. Knudson at Springdale Adventist School. 
  • Cookie Dough:  The School is running a COOKIE DOUGH Fundraiser. Cookie dough comes in five amazing flavors: Chunky Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Snickerdoodle. A tub of the cook dough makes about 40 cookies and costs $20 each. Orders can be maid through the school, Through Mrs. Knudson, April Turner, or Jana Shepherd. Thank you in advance for supporting Christian Education!!!
  • Worthy Students: Christian education is not cheap, but we are blessed to a full classroom of students eagerly learning each week. If you would like to support the students of SAS, please mark a donation either online or on your offering envelope for SAS Worthy Students. They greatly appreciate being able to learn in our class room. For the 2020-2021 year, we need to raise approximately $11,000 to cover all the student expenses.


At our church business meeting this past Sunday, the church voted four motions:

1) A new budget for the rest of the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) in light of the pandemic and its effect on the church. The new budget includes $6500 of fixed items and $1100 in non-fixed items.  Non-fixed items are ministry funds within the church, and fixed items are the things we must pay to operate the church (utilities, loan, subsidies, etc.)

2) We will accept the donations from donors to extend the stage out four feet from its current location, and replace the carpet with a walnut wood floor. In addition, we will drywall in  the doors on the stage, and repaint across the front of the church a Navy Blue for better aesthetics and video perception.

3) We will postpone the new sign for the time being, and instead re-carpet the sanctuary and foyer to the double doors just past the restrooms. We will also be moving the countertop and cabinets from the current location in the foyer, creating a new information/welcome desk that is in front of the TV hanging on the wall. The area where the cabinets and counter is currently will be turned into a sitting/conversation area. Before the new installations are done, we will also make sure that the sewage backup issues, and that the leaking window in the front of the foyer are all fixed/resolved.

4) The church is sending $700 to Springdale Adventist School to assist with setup of the new playground for our school and church kids to play on. 


Pastor Ben will be speaking at the Fayetteville Church on the second Sabbath of each month through the end of the year. The overall schedule between churches will be re-evaluated in December. Due to financial cutbacks in the ARKLA Conference, Pastor Ben has had the Fayetteville Church added to his responsibility and care effective October 1.  


October 17 -- Faryl Boykin
October 24 -- Mike Colburn
October 31 -- Pastor Ben

STILL NEEDED: $6386.02

Please remember the church even though we are not physically at the church these days. Your tithes and offerings will keep our ministries going through this time. Especially for SAF members, remember our monthly goal is about $7,551. You can give safely and securely through our website. Click on the "GIVE" link in the menu or HERE.

(Read the Bible Through in One Year) For this Week (October 16-24)
Fri, Oct 16: Jeremiah 3-4; 2 Thessalonians 3
Sab, Oct 17: Jeremiah 5-6; 1 Timothy 1
Sun, Oct 18: Jeremiah 7-8; 1 Timothy 2
Mon, Oct 19: Jeremiah 9-10; 1 Timothy 3
Tue, Oct 20: Jeremiah 11-13; 1 Timothy 4
Wed, Oct 21: Jeremiah 14-16; 1 Timothy 5
Thu, Oct 22: Jeremiah 17-19; 1 Timothy 6
Fri, Oct 23: Jeremiah 20-22; 2 Timothy 1
Sab, Oct 24: Jeremiah 23-24; 2 Timothy 2

FRIDAY -- Oct 16 6:37 pm
SABBATH -- Oct 17 6:36 pm
FRIDAY -- Oct 23 6:29 pm
SABBATH -- Oct 24 6:28 pm

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